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Saturday, January 30

9:00am EST

23A - On-Demand+: Book Clubs, Book Talks, and Read-Alouds: Experiences to Inspire Community VirtualLynne Dorfman • Kristin Haring • Catherine Gehman 24A - On-Demand+: "We-Do" Writing: Maximizing Practice to Develop Independent Writers VirtualLeah Mermelstein 25A - On-Demand+: Your Story is your Superpower! VirtualMatthew Carter 33A - On-Demand+: Every Child Deserves #TheRightTools: Equitable Practices that Meet Students’ Needs VirtualDr. Towanda Harris 35A - On-Demand+: Using Running Record Analysis to Inform Early Literacy Instruction for English Learners VirtualStephanie Ledger 43A - On-Demand+: Blurring the Line Between Reading, Writing, Thinking, Talking VirtualMaria Nichols • Leah Mermelstein 45A - On-Demand+: Engaging Literacy Instruction Across All Content Areas VirtualErin Manna 53A - On-Demand+: Using Running Records: A Static View of a Dynamic Process VirtualC.C. Bates • Maryann McBride • Jan Richardson 54A - On-Demand+: Facilitating Student-Led Talk: 'Hands Down, Speak Out' VirtualCHRISTY THOMPSON • KASSIA WEDEKIND 55A - On-Demand+: Leveraging Language to Build and Bridge English Learners' Vocabulary Needs in Middle Grades VirtualLesley Morgan 64A - On-Demand+: From Isolation to Integrated Practice: Phonics & Phonemic Awareness All Day Long! VirtualKelsey Sorum (Corter) 65A - On-Demand+: Increasing Student Engagement During Reading and Writing Workshop VirtualAmy Nguyen 73A - On-Demand+: Building Bigger Ideas: The Power of Talk, Texts, and Thoughtful Teacher Facilitation VirtualMaria Nichols 75A - On-Demand+: Small Group Reading & Writing for ALL Students VirtualPatty McGee • Julie Wright 100 - On-Demand: Supporting EL Students: Thoughtful Text Selection, Book Introductions, and Prompting VirtualMelinda Miller • Jolene Reed 101 - On-Demand: It's All About Trust: Three Methods for Teaching Reading Impactfully VirtualJennifer Scoggin • Hannah Schneewind 102 - On-Demand: Making Instruction Match YOUR Writers: Introducing Four Domains of Responsiveness VirtualKelsey Sorum (Corter) 105 - On-Demand: Book Introductions: Making the First Read Successful VirtualCaitlyn White • Amy Emmons • Beth Magsig 106 - On-Demand: Teaching in a Brave Space: Best Practices for Remote Literacy Instruction VirtualPeggy Phillips • Kris Gillaspy 107 - On-Demand: Leveraging Language to Build and Bridge English Learners' Vocabulary Needs in K-5 Classrooms VirtualLesley Morgan 108 - On-Demand: Using Literacy Practices to Teach Empathy VirtualRyli Ball • Sherry Kinzel 109 - On-Demand: Cultivating Conversation in the Classroom Using Read-Alouds and Book Clubs VirtualAlison Gettler • Brandee Staud 110 - On-Demand: Supporting Student Comprehension: Creating Text Sets to Support Historical Fiction VirtualMandy Wallace 111 - On-Demand: Writing Minilessons: Illuminating What Writers Do to See the Possibilities VirtualWendy Reed (Sheets) 112 - On-Demand: Decision-Making for Engaging Shared Reading Demonstrations VirtualBrian Cambourne 44A - On-Demand+: Changing Up Read-Aloud to Foster Agency, Identity, and Interpretation VirtualClare Landrigan 89 - On-Demand: Decodable Texts: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly VirtualWiley Blevins 90 - On-Demand: Meeting the Needs of ELs in a 21st Century Classroom VirtualBarbara Andrews 91 - On-Demand: Teaching for Transfer: Building Real-World Connections VirtualBarbara Andrews 92 - On-Demand: Deep in Thought: Promoting Literacy in the Content Areas VirtualJennifer Lemke • Emily Kildow 94 - On-Demand: Native Americans: More Than a Thanksgiving Theme VirtualKayla Lewis 95 - On-Demand: Powerful Prompting: The Missing Link VirtualCarla Castator • Karen Wilhelm 96 - On-Demand: Teaching Fundamental Skills through Guided Writing VirtualCarolyn Helmers 97 - On-Demand: Engaging Literate Minds VirtualKathryn Champeau • Peter Johnston

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